My dog.

My dog, River, is super whiney.  I feel kind of bad about saying this, because he is so in love with me.  But, he is driving me crazy.

I love him so and he is adorable – which is why he gets away with everything.

Jerk out.


OK, we watch Mythbusters almost every single evening (we are newbies to the series).  I did notice that in the earliest seasons, the guys seemed to really NOT get along.

We watch the shows based on subjects and not in any sort of order, so when we come across the ones where the guys are kinda pissy with one another, it’s surprising to us.

I love this show, but the pissyiness (real word), bugs me.  Come one guys, cut the crap.

Jerk out.

cocktail time…

OK, I usually have a cocktail every other night after dinner. Tonight I had one.  Vodka with a Le Croix club soda.  It’s a nice buzz that I highly recommend.

I have a lot to talk about, which may have something to do with the cocktail.  My husband suggested I should just write on my blog. So, I am.

I’m sure you are super psyched to read every word. hehe

Jerk out.